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Hibrnate vs costco food stroage..

In recent years, food storage has become more readily available through a variety of sources on the market. Because of that, it can be difficult to narrow down which products and companies are going to provide you with the best in food storage quality, variety, nutritional value, and flavor, without gouging your wallet or overpromising on things they may not be able to definitively deliver. And sometimes it may feel like you’re never going to get everything you want from one place, which is why we’re going to compare the emergency food storage products of a tried and tested food storage company—Hibernate—with a well-known bulk supply store—Costco.

We should note that it is often difficult to get a direct apples-to-apples comparison in food storage offerings, but we’ve picked several popular products from both companies, and we will break down the benefits and potential cons of each to help you decide which is the better fit for you and your family.

Read on for a Hibernate vs. Costco food storage breakdown and find out which products are best for you!


For the families ready to dive in with an entire year of meals at the ready in case of an emergency, the XMRE BlueLine Emergency Food Pallet and Hibernate 12-Month Premium Food Supply options are probably the best picks from Costco and Hibernate, respectively. Let’s break down the various claims, nutrition, brands, and value of each.

Sizes, Portions, And Nutrition

The Costco food storage option offers 576 servings of emergency food, with each meal offering between 800 and 1,200 calories. Hibernate’s 1-year food supply provides more than 4,000 servings and over 2,000 calories of nutrient-dense food allotted for each day.

Meal And Snack Variety

The meals in Costco’s XMRE pallet are broken down into 6 different daily menus consisting of a variety of meals and snacks including vegetarian taco pasta, spiced apples, strawberry pastry, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, and lemonade. Hibernate’s 1-year food supply of emergency food contains 12 different food options—ranging from maple brown sugar oatmeal to cheddar broccoli rice and buttery herb pasta—easily mixed and matched for a variety of meals throughout your emergency situation.

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Shelf Life

One major difference in this particular Hibernate vs. Costco food storage matchup is the shelf life of each of the products. Because the XMRE meals are packed in high density water and do not require boiling in order to eat, they have a shorter shelf life of just five years. On the other hand, yourHibernate food supply will be at peak freshness for up to 25 years on the shelf (and we can stand behind that claim because our manufacturing partners have been in the business long enough to have tested it for ourselves).


At $4,999.99, this Costco food storage option comes out to about $8.68 per serving. However, a 12-month Premium Food Supply from Hibernate, costing $2,999.00, will run you just over $.60 per serving (and no, that’s not a typo!).

It seems clear that there are a couple of key differences in these two food storage options. One key difference is that HIbernate meals require simmering before you can eat them, whereas the XMRE food is prepared with high density water, leaving the consumer with virtually no mealtime prep.

Another difference is the large price gap between the two, particularly for the amount of food received in each option. Hibernate is going to have the upper hand on that one.


FEMA recommends that you have on hand a minimum of two weeks worth of food supply for each member of your family. A two-week supply is a popular pick when it comes to shopping for your emergency supply. Let’s compare a couple of options from Costco—namely the Nutrient Survival 122 Serving Emergency Food Supply and the Readywise 150 Serving Emergency Food Bucket—with the Hibernate Two-Week Premium Food Supply.


This next comparison is not as straightforward as previous ones, but it’s an important one. Especially in terms of claims being made by emergency food supply companies. Here we’ll compare Costco’s Ready Wise 110 Serving Emergency Protein Bucket and a few protein-rich options from Hibernate—specifically freeze-dried beef and chicken, as well as peanut butter powder and powdered whole eggs.


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