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Chicken flavored rice

Our chicken flavored rice is an easy way to transform plain white rice into a savory, flavorful dish. In this recipe, long grain white rice, orzo, chicken broth, chicken base and seasoning come together to make a dish that’s sure to become your favorite.

The Benefits are quite simple: it will make

your body bulk up and refuel your body. Contain number of macro nutrients in bulk. The high protein of the chicken will help rebuild damaged muscle fibres while the carbohydrate content of the rice will replace muscle glycogen levels and refuel. Perfect for a post-workout meal.

And as for cost, good chicken doesn't have to be expensive. Nor does rice. This meal shouldn't cost you more than a fiver.

Have you ever noticed that a healthy plate of food always contains chicken and rice? Well, chicken is lean meat and could help you a lot if you are looking to lose weight. Because of the low amount of fat in chicken, you can easily add it to your diet.


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