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Backpack food supplies for Adventures

If you’ve ever prepared your own pack for a backpacking trip, you’re familiar with the Tetris-level difficulty of getting all the exact right bits of clothing, gear, and food in all the exact right spots so there is nothing important getting smashed, all the frequently used items are easy to reach, and all the weight is distributed evenly so you’re comfortable for the trip and don’t tip backward off the trail. Seriously, it’s puzzle work for a professional.

And the part that hangs even the most seasoned of backpackers up? Backpacking meals. No one looks forward to dinner for backpacking trips—the planning, the packing, the preparing, or the eating! And it’s because they haven’t figured out what the best backpacking meals are. But we’re here to let you in on our brilliant backpacking hack: easy hiking meals that take you from mere professional to total outdooring genius.

And that secret, my friends, is super-delicious, ultra-nutritious, mega-LIGHTWEIGHT Hibernate freeze-dried meals.


When you think about dinner for backpacking, it can seem like you’ve only got two options. One, you can load your pack with ramen noodles and other nutritionless junk because it’s lightweight and easy to eat on the go. Or two, you can bear the brunt of bringing foods like canned tuna that might actually fuel your body but are heavy, bulky, require you to pack extra tools, and you still have to deal with packing out the cans it came in.

But what if you knew there was a solution that gave you the best of both worlds? SPOILER: There is. Because by using Hibernate for dinner on a backpacking trip you solve all the essential issues:

  • foods are lightweight

  • foods are protein- and nutrient-packed

  • foods are super easy to prepare

  • foods can be eaten as snacks without preparation


Backpack Breakfast Ideas:-

From your two-week food supply bucket, snag some strawberry creamy wheat for a warm, filling backpacking breakfast, but make it next level by adding extra strawberries and bananas from your fruit and veggie bucket.

Try your maple brown sugar oatmeal with a splash of vanilla protein shake from your two-week bucket, and add blueberries from the fruit and veggie one for a backpacking breakfast full of nutritious fuel.

Backpack Lunch Ideas:-

Looking for more creative backpacking meals for lunch?

How about Hibernate’s hearty chicken-flavored vegetable soup with added peas, corn, and potatoes for a lighter lunch that’s still filling and nutrient-dense?

Or go for cheesy broccoli rice loaded with additional broccoli and chopped onions, with a side of flavorful raspberries for freshness.

Another easy backpacking meal is the creamy stroganoff from your two-week bucket with a big scoop of peas mixed in from your fruit and veg one.

Backpack Dinner Ideas:-

Dinner for backpacking shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be easy, quick, nutritious, and lightweight. So when evening rolls around on the mountain, try one of these perfect backpacking meals!

Italiano marinara lasagna goes great with a big side of broccoli or peas.

Add more potatoes and some peas or corn into the creamy potato soup for a substantial and homey chowder dish.

Or tuck into a hearty plate of fettuccine alfredo complemented by a warm corn and pea combo.

And a personal favorite backpacking meal—Hibernate’s chicken-flavored rice loaded up with every veggie in the fruit and vegetable bucket (minus potatoes, but hey, we’re not here to stop you!) chased by a big glass of Hibernate’s milk alternative, found in our two-week supply bucket.

Backpack Snack Ideas:-

Make sure to store a pouch or two of Hibernate’s freeze-dried fruit in your hiking pack so you can snag a handful of diced apples or sliced bananas or peaches for quick grab-and-go energy while backpacking.

We actually love snacking on the plain peas and corn from the freeze-dried veggie bucket, too!

But when you’ve got a minute to rehydrate, consider one of these awesome backpacking snacks from Hibernate:

Vanilla pudding sprinkled with any of the freeze-dried fruits is a sweet treat after a long day of hiking.

We’ve also been known to toss some of the still-dry maple brown sugar oatmeal over the pudding as more of a crumble or granola-like topping.

And you have to try the vanilla protein shake from Hibernate’s two-week food supply with crushed blueberries and raspberries for the ultimate wild berry shake!

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30+ Easy Backpacking Meal and Snack Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclaimer here.

If you’re wondering what the heck to eat when you go backpacking, or just looking to switch things up, I have some great backpacker food ideas for you in this post!

Easy backpacking food ideas and snacks

Whether you just want some simple backpacking meals, or you want to get creative and start making your own snacks and dehydrated dinners, this post has it all.

I’m not one of those backpackers that can eat the same boring protein bar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I like some variety while I’m out on the trails and I don’t think you need to sacrifice flavor while backpacking.

What Makes Good Backpacking Food?

There are a few things that I look for in the foods I choose to take backpacking:

Shelf-stable: Of course, you don’t want the food to spoil without refrigeration, so I pack foods that can safely be stored at room temperature.

Calorie Dense: Backpacking burns a lot of energy! I want to choose foods that are going to give me lots of calories for the size and weight of the food. For example, nuts are very calorie-dense.

Lightweight & Packable: You have to pack and carry the food you’ll eat on your trip, so foods that are lightweight and packable become an important consideration. For example, a can of beans is neither lightweight nor packable.

Minimal Cook Time: Lastly, I want meals that have a short cook time so I don’t use up too much of my fuel for cooking. Meals that you just add boiling water to are my favorite.

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